YFB-QM Ball lapping machine

Technical performance and feature

● It is suitable to lap the spherical surfaces of ball;
● After lapping outer surface of ball, you can have seat ring and ball lapping;
● Ball clamped by core shaft which is positioned by thimble rotate around horizontal core shaft and the speed is steplessly controlled;
● Lapping table on the ball make eccentric movement around vertical shaft, eccentric distance can be adjustable and speed is steplessly controlled;
● Lapping table flexibly connects with a main shaft and eliminates an error caused by jigging or others;
● Lapping time for each station can be pre-set, when time is over, lapping stop automatically with sound & light.
● Easy operation, low work strength and high production efficiency.
● Multi-station lapping machine is suitable for lapping ball in a larger size range.
●  Customer can choose the function as followed: Multi-station.

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