YFB-SM Valve service life test bench

Technical performance and feature

● The system is made up of "industrial touch screen computer", “pressure sensor”, torque sensor, "angular displacement sensor", “PLC”conversion module", "switch power", "printer" and “industrial control configuration software";
● The system can have the following automatic cycle life test on valve with pressure: "valve pressurize→closure with pressure→one end discharge sealing pair with full pressure→open valve with pressure→valve pressurize.....";
● You can choose any type of "torque control", stroke position control, "torque control + stroke position control valve opening and closing in the system (you only can choose"torque control”to control some types of valves opening and closing);
● The system  has automatic cycle test according to pre-set number of automatic cycle and  stop automatically,  system record total cycle numbers and each round of opening and closing torque value;
● System can test valve opening and closing torque value separately,testing result can be saved and printed out in digital and image curve;
● The system real-time monitor all data during testing process, display and save it in the system.
You can access, retrieve and print out historical testing data (including curve graphical data) by keyword, provided the conditions for subsequent quality issues retrospective.Testing data can be exported to Excel end realize ERP management for customer.Testing data can be output through "USB" interface or network cable.
● Customer can select the following models of valve life test bench and configuration:
Hold claw clamping valve life test bench (suitable for flanged end valves) (Model:YFB-SM/※※);
Top press valve life test bench (suitable for groove welded,flanged end valves) Model:YFB-SMDY/※※)
Top screw valve life test bench (suitable for inner tunnel sealing valves);(Model:YFB-SMDL/※※);
Safety door;

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