YFB-ZM Seat ring lapping machine

Technical performance and feature
● It is suitable to lap seating surface for various valves;
● It adopts claw hold flange to press mounting, work table mounting surface can adjust inclination angle (0-6°) ;
● The speed of lapping table is steplessly controlled. A eccentric mechanism is used to make lapping table eccentric rotation;
● Seating surface roughness reaches Ra 0.8 um and tightness≥80 %;
Up & down of an arm, inclination of work table as well as loosening & tightening and tightening force all are steplessly hydraulic driven;
● Equipped automatic oil pressure discharge system, when being ready state, system discharge automatically, when working, system return to normal status to effectively reduce oil temperature, prolong life of the test bench and save energy;
● Lapping time can be pre-set, when timer is over, lapping stop automatically with sound & light;
● Easy, simple and reliable operation. A person can operate several lapping machines with high efficiency.

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