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1.Q: Clamp Claws Type Introduction
Hydraulic drive clamp claws to hold blind flange at the end of valve flange to have a performance test. 
It is suitable for flanged end valve, just like gate valve, ball valve, check valve etc. 















                          Claws Clamp Type                                                     Impact Cylinder Type
2.Q: Impact Cylinder Type Introduction
Hydraulic drive to press blind flanged at the end of high pressure valve to have a performance test. 
It is suitable for flanged and none-flanged end type valve, especially for none-flanged valve. Just like welded groove type high pressure ball valve etc. 

3. Q:Test Medium Pressure Increase, Pressure Hold & Timer Control System Introduction

Start L.P water pump to fill test water in the valve body, after L.P water is filled, H.P water pump starts automatically and boost pressure, when the pressure arrives at set pressure value, H.P water pump stop automatically and enter hold pressure status. After the timer is over, the alarm starts working to remind operater finish testing.

This water booster system is our hydraulic valve test bench standard configuration. 


  1. Q:Seal Blind Type

We have different types of seal blind for different types of valve and test bench.

O ring type seal blind for flanged end valve.

(Suitable for YFB, YFB-D, YFB-L, YFB-DF)

Groove type seal blind for welded end valve.

(Suitable for YFB-D)

Nylon plane seal blind for thread end valve.

(Suitable for YFB-D, YFB-L)
Inner Tunnel Seal Blinds
(Suitable for YFB-D, they are usually produced by end user. )

5. Q:Touch Screen Monitoring System Introduction

“ Touch screen “ monitoring system is made up of industrial touch screen computer, pressure sensor, conversion module, switch power, printer and control software. The system can record and print out parameters of test valve. 

Customer can choose test item as back seal test, shell test, High pressure water test and low pressure air test. The system can record test pressure and time in digital and image curve in test process.
Touch Screen Monitoring System Operation Manual

6. Q:Main Parts of Valve Test Bench Manufacture Introduction
1. Motor for hydraulic system: BEIDE Siemens Standard Motors Ltd.
















Motor's working Voltage and Frequency can be made as customer's request.
Standard: three-phase, 380V/50Hz.
Optional: three-phase, 220V/60Hz or 415V/50Hz.

2. Hydraulic component: Shanghai Lixin Hydraulic Co.,Ltd.
















          [Solenoid Valve with  Wet Pin]                                                         [Solenoid Valve Pilot Operated]

3. Air driven water booster: MAXIMATOR GmbH. (Germany)













           [M Series Water Booster System]                          [G Series Water Booster System]

4. Eletronic Component: Schneider Electric











5. Package:












       Standard Seaworthy Plywood Case                                    Flat Rack Container